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After a Global DISC certification, you support your clients in successfully mastering the challenges of a globalised, diverse working world.

Global DISC Zertifizierung (ICF akkreditiert, 18 ICF CCE)

At crossculture2go, we understand that getting a Global DISC certification is just the beginning. The real game-changer is leveraging this powerful tool to elevate your existing training, consulting, or coaching business. It’s all about unlocking its full potential, seamlessly integrating it into your offerings, and delivering exceptional value to your clients. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with expert guidance every step of the way.

After completing the Global DISC certification workshops, you will be able to run Global DISC profiles with clients, offer them Global DISC personality profiles, country comparisons, team reports, and provide feedback on the results.

Our Global-DISC certification includes the following:

As a certified Global DISC coach or trainer you receive the right to use Global DISC assessments in your trainings and coachings.

You will receive the complete Global DISC training material (templates, workshop materials, best practice cases) with your Global DISC certification.

Manage the allocation of test access links and test reports in your personal GDPR-compliant, encrypted online portal,

Receive 40% discount on any Global DISC Assessment you use with your clients.

As a Global DISC certified trainer or coach, you can request an unlimited number of comparison and group reports.

You pay no monthly licence fees or annual fees. Furthermore, you receive a starter pack of 20 Global DISC Assessments free of charge.

Benefit from our long-term marketing support. We cover topics such as positioning, branding and marketing.

The Global DISC certification is accredited for the Continuing Coach Education program of the International Coaching Federation and grants you 18 ICF CCE points.

3x4h Online-Training - Termine: Oktober | November (Daten werden in Kürze veröffentlicht) oder 1:1 nach Vereinbarung

1.615 Euro + MwSt

How can you be an expert on over 150 national cultures, different generations, personality types and their combinations? Diversity is insanely complex on the surface, but underneath there is a structure. Global DISC is the blueprint for this. One operating system, numerous fields of application.

International Coach Federation Continuing Coach Education

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Field of application: Leadership development

Global DISC For Global Leaders

In leadership development, Global DISC provides an added dimension that enhances your clients' effectiveness in a culturally diverse business environment.


The individual Global DISC Report deepens self-awareness. Based on their personality type and cultural background, leaders gain insight into their behavioural patterns. They recognise how their personal tendencies influence their behaviour in specific global leadership situations.

Cultural Intelligence

Global DISC supports executives who work with multinational teams. The individual report offers many starting points and strategies for more effective communication in an intercultural environment. Leaders more quickly recognise the different needs and priorities of their team members and develop their skills to lead people from different cultural backgrounds.


With their newly gained knowledge, your clients will be able to access more foreign markets with confidence and in goal-oriented way. The assessment results can be compared with more country profiles again and again.

Field of application: Team Development

Global DISC For Diverse Teams

People from different backgrounds think and work in different ways, which can quickly lead to conflict and friction in a team. With Global DISC, you can measure the cognitive diversity of a team and uncover the deeper levels of team dynamics. Ensure that your clients realise the potential of their diverse teams. 


Each team member receives an individual report to deepen self-knowledge. Team members gain insights into their tendencies, preferences and patterns of behaviour at work based on their personality type and cultural background. They learn more about how to interact with others and receive actionable strategies to improve their interactions.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence is about shifting perspectives to understand the logic behind why people think and act differently. Culturally intelligent team members use the differences to find new ways of working together and solving problems, which significantly increases engagement and overall results. This is diverse team development at its best.

Cognitive Diversity Index

The Global DISC Group Reports show the cognitive diversity index of a team and reveal its blind spots. The larger the gap, the greater the potential for success or failure of a diverse team.

Transparency And Psychological Safety

Im Rahmen des Entwicklungsprozesses für vielfältige Teams wird den Teammitgliedern ein Global DISC Fast- Teaming-Pass ausgestellt, der die persönlichen und kulturellen Präferenzen jedes Teammitglieds bei der Zusammenarbeit aufzeigt. Ziel ist, falsche Annahmen und Missverständnisse zu reduzieren und die psychologische Sicherheit im Team deutlich zu verbessern.

Team Leadership

Global DISC helps team leaders better understand the needs and priorities of their team members. At the same time, they are aware of their own tendencies and values when leading others. They thus develop a high level of cultural intelligence to effectively lead and mentor people from different cultural backgrounds.


If future team members take the Global DISC Assessment before they arrive, the team-building process can be greatly facilitated. Everyone can be prepared to work together effectively from day one and appreciate the skills they bring even more.

Global DISC Zertifizierung - Multinational Teambuilding

"... Global DISC is the ideal tool in today’s fast-paced, globalized world where the new generation of business people and leaders need to be culturally intelligent and adaptable without being experts in 100s of different cultures. The more you understand people, the better rapport you will have with them which ultimately guarantees better interpersonal results.”

Expert Opinions

"Global Disc is a powerful tool for intelligent leaders to leverage personal and cultural differences for competitive advantage, to enable trust and to build high-performing teams at home and globally."

“Diversity is the greatest asset or liability. Ignoring their cultural and personal differences in a multicultural world destroys performance, leveraging them makes organisations profitable and sustainable. Solutions created before globalisation are not designed to address the people challenges of the 21st century, that is what Global DISC™ was created for. It is the ideal solution to create an inclusive environment supported by measurable and repeatable results."

Field of application: Expat Support

Global DISC For Expatriates

Selecting and supporting suitable candidates for international assignments can quickly become a costly challenge in companies. Global DISC supports your clients in many ways:

Cultural Adaptability

Global DISC measures personality traits required to deal well with intercultural challenges. The test result reliably predicts how flexibly candidates respond to personal and professional challenges abroad or when communicating with foreign business partners.

Country-specific Strengths

Global DISC identifies the strengths and risk areas of individual candidates with regard to up to 50 different target countries. The assessment compares a person's profile with the cultural profile of a selected target country. Candidates can be assigned to specific countries and receive concrete advice on how to use their individual strengths and overcome possible cultural weaknesses.

Expat Partners

Global DISC helps identify potential family risks of an overseas assignment. By offering each applicant's spouse or partner to take the Global DISC assessment as well, you can assess how comfortable the partner will be in a particular country. This knowledge can help provide the best support from day one.

Onboarding Abroad

By having prospective team members complete the assessment prior to the arrival of the new employee from abroad, the team-building process will be greatly facilitated. With the Global DISC Fast Teaming Passport, colleagues in the receiving office can prepare to work effectively with the new colleague right from the start.

FAQ - Global DISC Certification

Stand out from the crowd by offering your clients the only post-globalisation solution that delivers measurable and repeatable results for individuals, groups and organisations. Learn more in our FAQ for trainers, coaches and consultants.

Is Global DISC the same as DiSC?

The different personality types have been studied for centuries, which has led to different categorisations of behavioural styles. The book Emotions of Normal Peoplepublished by William Moulton Marston in the 1920s, forms the theoretical basis for the widely known DiSC behavioural model. DiSC is still used in many organisations to assess behavioural styles and preferences of teams and leaders.

Global DISC was developed by Csaba Toth in the UK to meet the new challenges of the fast-paced, globalised 21st century. By taking into account cognitive diversity and cultural intelligence, Csaba has taken the standard DISC process to the next level.

Global DISC explains how personality type (standard DiSC) AND cultural background influence individuals, teams and leaders in any (international) business situation. It combines the latest data from international practice with scientifically validated research based on cultural intelligence into a practical framework that helps to identify and optimise behaviour in a culturally diverse, globalised work environment.

How does the Global DISC Assessment work?

The Global DISC online assessment is carried out via a personal link and takes only a few minutes. Afterwards, participants receive an individual report (42 pages with an integrated 40-minute online course). Individual results can be compared with other people, teams, 50 country profiles and 16 classic DiSC styles.

After the assessment process, you can support your clients with individual training, counselling or coaching.

Is Global DISC an intercultural model?

Most intercultural models were developed in the last century. Almost all of them use averages of test scores obtained many decades ago and focus exclusively on people's country of origin/nationality.

Wir wissen jedoch heute, dass der kulturelle Hintergrund eines Menschen nicht nur durch seine Nationalität definiert ist. Wir alle gehören mindestens 15-20 verschiedenen kulturellen Gruppen an, z. B. Nationalitäten, Ethnien, Regionen, Geschlechter, Generationen, Berufe, Unternehmen usw. – und sie alle prägen unser Verhalten und unsere Werte, die sich von den durchschnittlichen nationalen Erwartungen stark unterscheiden können.

Deshalb ist Global DISC so viel mehr als nur ein interkulturelles Modell. Global DISC erklärt, wie Persönlichkeit und kultureller Hintergrund – über die Nationalität einer Person hinaus – die Art und Weise, wie wir handeln, fühlen und denken, beeinflussen. Es hilft, Verhaltensunterschiede in einem kulturell vielfältigen, globalisierten Umfeld zu erkennen, so dass effiziente, produktivere Arbeitsbeziehungen gefördert werden können.

How does the portal for trainers work?

In your personal Global DISC Portal, you can activate assessments for clients, manage and view reports, profiles and comparisons. The exact handling will be demonstrated during the certification process.

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